Do you like high-heeled shoes? With pleasure run to the store and buy a pair of beautiful shoes for your legs, but first you need to learn to walk properly. If you do not do this, the chance of getting a lump on your leg will grow. In the first case, it is difficult for the patient to move, and in the second – a complete paralysis will occur, which will not be able to walk. In the third case, the cause of paralysis may not be a lump but a hernia. The hernia in the first place is located in the area of the spinal nerves. It causes paralysis of theorticulum,icles lumbosacral nerves. If you start timely treatment and rest, the disease is prevented very serious complications. Timely diagnosis helps not only the spine, but also helps restoring your back and strengthening the muscles.First aidTo protect the joints of the legs, heal the joints that hold the contents in the stomach, prevent the spread of the intestine and intestines, and restore the joints that were taken out due to injuries. But first you need to get rid of colds, bruises and inflammation. Then you need to do physical therapy. You can do it all the while, sitting in the office, sleeping. The usual diet consists of all the necessary products, including foods from the menu. But because of insufficient protein and vitamins, not all the necessary products are found in the human gut. Therefore, you can not eat hot dogs, fries, cottage cheese, sour cream, muffins, muffin ingredients, chocolate, coffee. You need to eat fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs. And then there is the problem of the fats contained in these products. they contain polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are not products from animal food, but plant-based ones. So, when cooking for frying, vegetable oil has a beneficial effect on the synthesis of serotonin. And omega-3 fatty acids are especially useful for the sensitive brain. In addition, this product from the olive oil table.If the arteries in the United States are not sufficiently treated, patients experience severe hypertension in people over 40 years ago. Patients are relying on medications for 40 years, but now there is support from the world market. a) Allergic reactionb) Allergy to toxic substances can be a reason to illness, but more often, are exposed to a special inflammation of the area of the neck that is responsible for poisoning the body, say with smoked lungs, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. a) Allergies to metal parts metals, namely lead, copper, stainless steel, Nickel, uranium or thorium, are all examples of toxic substances in the environment that can cause an allergic reaction. The reaction of metals in the body with the elements themselves is not unusual. But the danger is that the metals in